Frisco - Contemporary Artist, Italian figurative art
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Francesco Ciancabilla, aka Frisco, was born in Naples in 1959. Visual artist, translator, language teacher and world traveler.

Frisco started painting in 1980, “bedaubing” pictures, photocopies, walls, canvases, and fast obtaining a very favorable reception from both critics and public. Sharing the same artistic vision of the early New York graffiti artists - yet unknown in Europe - Frisco preferred spray paint to express his art. He developed a technique for contemporary stenciling 20 years ahead of the style currently in use. However, since Frisco used masking tape, his work did not lend itself to serial reproducibility.

In 1983, some young artists’ envy and police ineptitude lead to his indictment for a crime to which he always pleaded not guilty. Three years later Frisco was compelled to leave the country and became a fugitive first in Brazil, then in Argentina and finally in Spain. During the first years on the run, he continued to paint, and then he worked as an editorial graphic designer, a photographer, a musical band promoter, a bartender, and an Italian teacher.  In 2011, Frisco went back to Italy to resume painting.

Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy: Semiotics and Communication (DAMS).
Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Pescara, Italy: Foreign Languages.
Instituto Cervantes, Spanish Ministry of Education, Madrid, Spain: DELE C2.
University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy: DITALS II

Main solo exhibitions:

1980 - “I love P” performance/art installation, Plastik Gallery, Berlin
1981 - Studio Cesare Manzo, Pescara
1982 - P.S.1 Gallery, New York
1983 - Fashion Moda Gallery, New York
1983 - Studio Cesare Manzo, Milano
1987-1990 exhibits (under another name) in three galleries in S„o Paulo, Brasil
2010 - Idioteque, Indie Pop Club, Madrid

2013 - “Frisco”, Circolo Aternino, Pescara
2014 - “Black Hours”, curated by NicolÚ Gianelli, galleria Emilia Ruvida, Modena
2015 - 'One Hundred Women', curated by Luca Ciancabilla, laboratorio di restauro Camillo Tarozzi, Bologna
2015 - 'Funk Bromantico', curated by Marco Manzo, ex-Aurum, Sala degli Alambicchi, Pescara
2016 - 'Love & Fuck', Botteghe d'Arte, Bisenti (TE)  curated by Ass. Quasi Adatti
2016 - 'Il pudore del pornografo', CaffŤ d'Arte Tettamanzi, Nuoro

2017 - 'Mare Nostro che non sei nei cieli', A-maze-ing Gallery, Pescara

Collective exhibitions:

1981 - III Rassegna Internazionale della Performance, curated by Renato Barilli, Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna
1982 - “Ora” curated by Francesca Alinovi, Studio Cesare Manzo, Pescara
1982 - “Frontiera Party”, curated by Francesca Alinovi, Segreto Pubblico, Bologna
1983 - “Avant-garde Photography in Italy” curated by Francesca Alinovi, Stichting Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam
1983 - “I e II serata enfatista”, curated by Francesca Alinovi, Galleria Neon, Bologna
1986 - “Nuove tendenze in Italia”, II ed., curated by Edoardo Di Mauro, Milano, Torino
1986 - “Contemporanea”, curated by Enzo Terzano, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna
1987 - “Universidade de Tup„”, II ed., S„o Paulo, Brasil
1993 - “Descalzas Reales”, curated by Jose A. Saenz, Madrid
2013 - "POPS, totem e tribý del terzo millennio", curated by Alberto Melarangelo, Sala Espositiva Nicola Palma, Teramo
2014 - "Violino d'Autore", curated by luthier Ezia Di Labio, Ex Cubo, Pesaro
2015 - "Tabý, l'eros in mostra", Museo d'Arte Diffuso di Miglianico (CH)
2015 - "Muzika na Zici" (Musica Dipinta), Sarajevo, Bosnia-Erzegovina
2016 - 'RUSCO' (Recupero Urbano Spazi COmuni), Bologna,  curated by Ass. Serendippo
2016 - 'Tabý' 2™ed., Pescara (Preview - Miglianico CH),  curated by Ass. Strategica